Admin Fixes


What is an Admin Fix?

An admin fix is when you want to stop being an admin, you want to be chat moderator or beauruet etc. If you want an admin fix click here. The admin fix is valid until 2020. If you want a confirmation address, click here.

Becoming a Beauruet

This job is a difficult job knowing you have to move to another place. You will have to be in charge of everything aswell as being in guard.

Chat Purposes

Your chat purposes aren't that important. If you're Chat Moderator, you must look after the chats to see if any bullying or bad behaviour is used.


You will have tokens for your job too. If you get:

πŸ˜ƒ-- Doing Well----18 Points

😀--Good..--14 Points

πŸ‘Ί--Too Angry and has bad behaviour. ---2 Points

😝--Making fun online.--0.2 Points

😈--No Respect--0 Points

😷--Taking Care--23 points

πŸ˜‡--Excellent!--50 Points

😴--Lazy--1 Point

😑--Strike-- -12 Points (each strike) learn more click here.

πŸ‘€--Peeking--30 Points

πŸ’œ--Love The Wiki--100000 Points

πŸ’–--New Ideas--1000Points

πŸ’Œ--Said Something Kind--100 Points

πŸ’¬--Busy Conversation -- 25 Points

πŸŽ„--Christmas Gift--40 Points

πŸŽ₯--Video Taper--30 Points

πŸŽƒ--Halloween Treat--30 Points

⏰--On Time!--50 Points

πŸ”†--New Day--1 Point

πŸ”Ž--Vandalism--1 Point

❄️--Courage--100 Points

⚠️--Spoiler--10 Points

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§--Goodbye--100000000 Points