• Upload a png, jpg any file really.
  • Sensible images. No rude things or bad images as wikis are for young people too.
  • Post pictures if you want to chat, here.
  • Keep your photos public so people can use them.
  • Give as much as photos for the wiki! You will earn 500 points!!
  • Keep safe from the internet click here.


  • Use rude captions.
  • Use rude words.
  • Make bad photos.
  • Give bad photos.
  • No uploading files that have been already uploaded. If necessary, click here.
  • No Bullying!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Any threads will be deleted.


1. Go to any page.

2. See the button where is says add a photo on this page.

3. Click yes.

4. Your upload will be on that page. If you want to do testing click here.

5. You're done!