Setting Up

When you set up your outlook, many messages will fill your outlook. Some messages aren't automatic as we don't have any time.

Getting Updates

When you are updating your outlook, it will take a while or so. Things might change like your border or something. SunshineCutiePie are still bug fixing updates.


We sponsor link It Up and Flavour Taste for making a wiki. We agreed we would have outlooks too.

How do I check my outlook?

When you are starting your outlook, it will say REFRESH. It means you need to refresh your mail.

Automatic Messages

When you get automatic messages, it would be welcome to the Sky Rat Wiki! Etc.

How do you access my outlook?

We have to make sure you don't get into bad things because you might be different.

Can I Write Emails?

Well, not clearly you can't. But you can access the Link Central a high security page full of mails to send to people around the wiki.

Using Link Central

When you get into link Central, messages will come like an outlook, but these messages will be from us. After you setup your account for Link Pro, you can update your profile pictures.


The messages you get are going to your outlook making it essential.